GenXers are fucked, and we deserve it— a Christmas message

A recent study suggested that 50% of those (40–60) have hardened arteries — that’s a lot of cardiac arrests on the horizon for generation X. Of course that’s on top all the other woes we have. However it’s nothing compared to the future Millennials might be facing, and that’s why I think genXers deserve everything they get (and yes I’m a genXer). It was on our watch that we let a progressive inclusive future be coerced and swallowed whole by the Baby boomers. For a while things seemed to be going in the right direction, but as with all good things, people got too fucking greedy. Suckered by seeing our wealth grow through property or shares we gleefully abandoned ideals and joined the boomers at the trough. Of course that was the bait, the way to push their share of the pie beyond anything the world has seen before, and at any cost. When the collapses came, those at the bottom got fucked, those at the top only saw fresh opportunities to increase their wealth even further. All thanks to ‘natural’ market forces.

“The free market is perfectly natural”. Do you think that I’m some kind of dummy? It’s the ideal way to order the world — “Fuck the morals, does it make any money?” — Jarvis Cocker

And now we are here. Inequality worse than ever before, climate catastrophe no longer just around the corner but in our neighborhoods, the systematic demolition of all social/political safety nets and a very bleak prognosis for the human race (well at least in the West).

Well, bullshit to that. I’m not giving up and if you want a better future, you millennials are going to have take from these bastards. All these systems, laws, mechanisms of control are illusions. They are built on agreements and as such you can take them, screw them up and reinvent the world a new. The super rich, the super powerful are nothing in relation to your roar, your collective might. Together you can turn them into dust, redistribute wealth and power to make this a better world for everyone.

After all, most them are dying anyway. They are waiting on your genius and breakthroughs to keep them alive — well I say fuck that, turn your research towards other things. Say no to the longevity and anti-aging research, fuck the robot carers, make these bastards depend on you when their shitting themselves and unable eat solid food. If a corporation is not supporting the environment, not treating people fairly, tax the fucker, or shut it down — you’ll be the ones in government.

Don’t follow in the footsteps of todays arseholes, look at the world and decide to invent a better future for all. A future where you can put words like diversity, fetus, science-based, vulnerable, evidence-based, transgender, and entitlement in any document you fucking please.

Or better still listen to the great poets of your time, the voices of your generation and take action in 2018.

A 5 point plan - seems legit

Translation of scribbled note found on a fridge in the Kremlin earlier this year:

My 5 point plan for the making of Russia great again by Vlad Putin aged 64 1/2

  1. Find a populist, despotic candidate for US presidential elections. One who can be easily manipulated through ego, greed, vanity or ideally all three. Must already have celebrity profile and Twitter account.
  2. Actively discredit all viable and traditional political opposition through smear campaigns and disinformation. Ideally discredit entire political class and set up an ‘us and them’ platform for them to run upon. Set candidate up as a savior outsider.
  3. Encourage candidate to be as divisive and populist as possible, ideally split country into two opposing groups of unreconcilable differences. Policy statements must be simplistic, contrary and deeply nationalistic. Reduce the debate to 140 characters or less.
  4. Ensure success of candidate by manipulating electoral polls and voting. Candidate must win and it must be close, helping to seed suspicion and undermine their democratic system. Help candidate to build team of ‘trusted’ advisers and political outsiders, hell bent on fundamental change of established US institutions.
  5. Sit back and watch US turn in upon itself, creating social unrest and alienating rest of diplomatic community. Stay aloof and indifferent during their collapse and build strong relationships with emerging powers. Drink vodka, laugh heartily and be embraced by the Russian people - Russia is great again!


*This is an 'alternative facts' production, any fridges or reputations resembling those living or dead are purely accidental.

Chocolate's arms race

Once upon a time it was enough to state whether the chocolate was Milk or Dark. Then you needed to state the cocoa content, then where it came from.

But that's no longer enough. Now to be taken seriously you need micro details and infographics to prove you know your stuff. 

I'm pretty geekish about many things but this encouragement to embrace the geek feels too fake. 

All that said this chocolate from the Danish company Summerbird is darn good.